Saturday, October 29, 2011

Conjunctions Index

Conjunctions are words that CONNECT things. They can connect words, phrases, clauses or sentences.
  • Coordinating Conjunctions. These connect two more-or-less equal things. The word "and" is a coordinating conjunction, as in this phrase "apples and oranges."
  • Correlative Conjunctions. These are related pairs of conjunctions that work in tandem. The words "both" and "and" are correlative conjunctions: "I like both apples and oranges."
  • Subordinating Conjunctions. These conjunctions link a dependent clause to the main clause. The word "when" is a subordinating conjunction in this sentence: "Whenever I am hungry, I eat an apple."
  • Conjunctive Adverbs. These adverbial phrases can be used to link two independent clauses: "I like apples; in fact, apples are my favorite fruit."
I learned about conjunctions when I was a little kid from this old "Schoolhouse Rock" video!

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