Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Storytelling Style: Tell it with Animals

Maybe the story you want to retell would work with animal characters! You could choose to work with animals of different species (with the different species conveying the qualities of the different characters), or you could recast the story with all the characters being the same species.

For different species, consider Disney's Robin Hood with Robin as a fox, Little John as a bear,  Friar Tuck as a badger, etc.

Given that cats rule the Internet, it is probably not surprising that there are lots of cat examples. For stories told with animals check out these Myth-Folklore Storybooks: The Cat Gods and the Tales of Heraclaws (Greek myths with cats) and A Kingdom of Love in a Lion Pride (the story of Cupid and Psyche told with lions).

Here's the Biblical story of Esther with animated cat gifs: The Entire Story Of Purim, As Told By Cat GIFs. Here's just one of the gifs; meet King Ahasuerus:

And here's a poster that imagines a version of Star Wars with cats... it's Star Paws.  

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