Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Storytelling Style: Stories for Children

Telling stories for children is a wonderful storytelling option! Plus, it's good practice: you never know when you might need to tell a real story to a real child. :-)

When you do a story for young audience, there are lots of things to think about:

  • what story do you want to choose? (some stories are obviously more likely candidates than others)
  • what kind of words will you use in telling the story? (keep the vocabulary simple)
  • who will be the storyteller? (parent? grandparent? babysitter? or someone more unexpected and mysterious?)
  • who will be the audience? (one child or more? ages?)
  • what will be the storytelling scene and occasion? (bedtime stories are just one possibility: stories can happen anytime!)
You can go about this in a realistic way... or something more supernatural! For example, this semester, Adrienne is doing a Storybook with an elephant dad telling stories to his little elephants: Elephants in India! Bedtime Stories

You can see some more children's story projects below:

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