Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Call-In Radio Show

You can build on the basic screenwriting style (details here) to create all kinds of dialogue-based stories. The Call-In Radio Show is a really fun option: it has all the back-and-forth of an interview while also leaving open the possibility of surprises from the people who call in. They might be members of the general public... or they might be people who are also directly involved in the story, calling in to give their side of the story.

You could use a real radio personality (like in the Delilah project below), or you could make up your own radio personality from the fictional world that you are writing about: the Brothers Grimm, Ganesha — any kind of character could host a call-in talk radio show.

If you are using a real radio personality, look at Wikipedia to learn some details about their show; all the major radio talk shows and personalities have Wikipedia articles: Delilah, Dr. Laura, Car Talk, etc.

For an example, here is a Rama-and-Sita Storybook based on the Delilah radio show: Delilah's Radio Hour. It's by Kate Carlton Greer, who you may know from KGOU radio! She graduated from OU a few years ago and now has a real career in radio: Kate Carlton Greer.

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