Friday, August 11, 2017

You Can Change the World

I saw this wonderful bit of word play at Google+ ... I definitely want to live a life based on the full text, not just half of it! :-)

Art is pointless without passion
You have to go out and create art
Get an actual job doing what you love
And make a living by being yourself
You can't just let other people define
The rest of your life and say you will
Be a joke, a failure. Follow your heart
You will end up happy and free, not
A starving artist. Love your art and 
Contribute to society by inspiring people
Instead of wasting time letting others tell you
You're worthless. You can change the world!

As opposed to the limited point of view:

Art is pointless
You have to go out
Get an actual job
And make a living
You can't just let
The rest of your life
Be a joke, a failure
You will end up
A starving artist
Contribute to society
Instead of wasting time
You're worthless

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