Saturday, July 29, 2017

A linguist's guide to HULK SMASH

This delightful article by James Harbeck — A linguist's guide to HULK SMASH — gives you some grammatical insight into HULKSPEAK. The conclusion: "Hulkspeak, in short, isn't quite like what a fresh-language learner or a person with limited English skills would speak. Actually, it's what you get when someone who is fluent in grammatical English decides to keep everything in English but leave off the fancy, civilizing stuff — pronouns, conjugations that tell you tidily who is doing what, articles and other particles that refer to what is and isn't already known. It's like the "dumb jock" stereotype on steroids, but somehow sympathetic: a fantasy of ripping off the clothing of civilization and grammatical niceties and letting loose. Turn off the brains — just enough — and turn on the brawn."

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