Friday, February 8, 2013

Word from Mythology: Tuesday

TUESDAY. The name of this day of the week comes from the Tiw, the Germanic god of war, so Tuesday is "Tiw's Day," the day belonging to the god of war. He is best known by the old Norse spelling of his name, Tyr. Tyr was a central character in the story of the binding of Fenrir the wolf; Tyr had volunteered to put his hand in the mouth of the wolf, and the wolf bit it off. You can see Tyr and Fenrir in the image below.

The day Tuesday was named in honor of Tyr followed the Roman name for the day, Martis dies, "the day of Mars," who was the Roman god of war. You can see that Roman name in the modern Italian martedi, French mardi, and Spanish martes. If you are interested in the days of the week, you can see the different names of the days of the week in many different languages at Omniglot.

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