Saturday, January 7, 2012

Modernizing and Futurizing

Modernization allows you to change the traditional characters, settings, and plot to bring them up to date. You can go even farther and re-tell the story in a futuristic setting!

Here are some examples of modernized Storybooks. Sometimes the modernization is a natural result of choosing a storytelling style that in and of itself conveys a modern quality, like therapy sessions or social media. Other examples of modernization are more complex, where the characters and/or setting and/or plot are changed in order to give the story a modern feel.

Time travel is another possibility, too: time travel can be used to send people back into the past, but it can also be used to bring characters from the past into our present!

If you are a fan of science fiction, you might want to try retelling a traditional story so that it is set in a science fiction future. Here are some examples of futuristic Storybooks, like this one —Siren, City in the Clouds — which puts fairy tales into the future.

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